Saturday, June 11, 2011

Zardiw summarizes JBII AGM High Points

JBII AGM High Points:

Things that expedite the flow:

Suppliers are shareholders
Construction entities are shareholders

Thus everything expedited.

Major media. Now ready for that. Didn't want that until they could say they are selling to companies on an ongoing basis. Lends Credibility.

Permanent Permit is 'Very Close'
Air and Solid Waste Permit need to be issued at same time.

Not selling to refineries, but selling a finished product to retail consumers.

Concentrate on sites that can accomodate many processors in one place.

NY has some of the strictest permitting requirements, which means getting
permitted in other states should be a slam dunk

Paper mills: 10% of output (plastic) goes to landfills
Businesses shipping B2B generates large quantities of plastic
Carpet Manufacturers: Produce 20T/Day 'shavings'/Machine

Residue is now removed automatically, without having to cool down machine

Heating oil much more profitable than gasoline/diesel, since specs much more flexible.

Large companies have many subsidiaries around that will take all we can produce.

Chrysler one of many sources of plastic now

Companies would use our product in boilers.

Financing Options:

On machines: Perpetual Annuities
Kuwait/ME: Billionaire Conglomerates
Fund managers

Several Patents: In progress

5,000 Shareholders in JBII

Coco Paving: 1-2M Liter/Year Fuel Sale

Less than $10/Barrel production cost confirmed..mainly because of 8% of the output used to run machine.
If they used electricity to heat the plastic, it would be $45-50/Barrel


'Plastic is Free'
'Positive Cash Flow #1 Priority'
'Go Big or Go Home'
'Validation is Yesterday'

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