Thursday, September 1, 2011

The long shot investor recommends JBI, Inc.

JBI, Inc. ( OTC:Pink - You know, part of me just wanted to start this blog to get down on paper that I'm ultra-long on this small company based in Niagara Falls, NY that is doing, in my opinion, MASSIVE things with converting waste plastic to usable fuel. I want to go on record and hang my balls out there so I can be mocked if the stock tanks and praised if it does well. I've made some great calls (SIRI @ $0.08, AAPL @ $16 pre-2 splits) and some absolutely horrific ones (loading up on finance LEAPS pre-2008), but I've hopefully learned from them and want to go on record with this one. I've got a really nice feeling about CEO John Bordynuik, the technology he's spearheaded over the years, the company's balance sheet, and his business model. Long story short, Mr. Bordynuik, using finances acquired after working in data recovery for companies like NASA, has figured out a way to turn nearly freely available waste plastic into spec fuel. His process is called Plastic2Oil. He's been evaluated by numerous independent labs, and has just recently entered into his first 10-year profit sharing lease with NYSE : RKT (Rock-Tenn). I've filled orders at numerous prices, with my average per share cost being $1.08.

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