Tuesday, October 18, 2011

dispoman predicts price of JBII in Oct. 2012

I will be sorely disappointed if JBII is only $10 by October 2012.

Growth stocks sell based on prospective earnings. By that time they should have three processors working in Niagara Falls, and at least 2 or 3 RKT installations of two to three processors each. That should be a minimum. If they can't get at least that amount up and running then they have a serious issue of manufacturing processors. If they do have 10 to 15 processors installed and operating and an ability to at least maintain or increase that rate of adding new operating installations, then the stock should easily be $25 to $50 in a year.

If they can't get them installed and running at least that quickly, then they have a serious issue to contend with. Assuming a conservative 12 operating processors, at a conservative 100 barrels per day, at a conservative 300 operating days per year, at a conservative $60 profit (after costs and income splitting) yields $21,600,000 annual profit with the likelihood of that doubling annually for many years.

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