Thursday, March 1, 2012

JBI Investor Applauds Company's Progress

finally had a chance to listen (in total) to the CC
without any interruptions :)

first let me stress each and every person does themselves
a disservice if they don't listen to the CC >> imo JB gave
input on exactly where aspects stand specific to P2O and
clearly *explains* the time line and evolution since 2010

just a couple of things i noted from the CC >> foundation
has actually been added to >> NF is a full scale multi processor
plant and is now *the standard* for JBI going forward

first >> feedstock >> not an issue based on sourcing in 2009
mgmt has worked with officials on the NY side (hierarchy noted
with JBI being a tier above waste energy plants) on the Ontario
side >> example used re: Ontario Auto Recycling specific to
JBI/P2O effectively eliminating (auto) waste gas tanks which
could not be land filled

second >> design >> i'm in awe of the brilliance shown via the
slides >> and the explanation contained in the CC >> bottom line
is to use the word *tweak* is just wrong >> it's a complete
evolution of design change >> across all levels of the P2O
from the reactors to the towers to the ability to change out
in essentially real time the ability to produce whatever fuel
provides the most bang for the buck

third >> infrastructure >> name it >> it's been thought of and
addressed >> whether trucking or shipping by rail >> on site
labs >> *redesign* of how the beast is fed >> or the bldg
used for fabrication >> 2 purposes >> LT and ST goals >>
serves as a prototype for housing a 3 proc cluster as JBI rolls
off off site installations >> provide real templates for the
operational aspects of P2O roll out such as cost and time lines
and labor >> same bldg as would be erected >> footprint for future

fourth >> distribution >> established courtesy JBI's agreement
with INDIGO >> this imo is another brilliant move by mgmt
re: fuel brokers >> on a national basis (continental united states)
(first let me note i spent over a decade in sales and marketing)
what JBI has done is find a wholesale distributor >> who does all
the leg work and most of the expense (essentially mgmt isn't spending
time and money recreating a wheel already well established) this
would include taxes

2nd ~ XTR >> fuel retailer >> home for naphtha fuel >> blending site
fully permitted >> spec'd for road transport fuels demand for *green* product

3rd ~ direct to end user >> channel provides biggest profit margin
for JBI >> extremely competitive >> past stigma gone re: alternative
energy fuel >> direct sales customers came to the plant >> chemists
tested and audited >> PO has been signed with a fortune 100 company
for initial volume of 500,000 liters and in excess of 85,000 has
been delivered >>

bottom line is demand outstrips JBI's ability to supply *current*
customers requiring mgmt to round robin fills for orders

fifth >> financing >> over the last 11
months >> 3 high net worth individuals have made
INITIAL investments of 1M$ or more >> with proc 2 online >>
JBI is now ready to seek alternative financing >> mgmt will
elaborate more on this issue in the upcoming K

sixth >> rock tenn update >> rock tenn exceptionally helpful
specific to expertise locally re: first site >> a joint announcement
re: time lines when permitting in first site's jurisdiction is done
JBI's highest priority is getting first installation completed
at this rock tenn site ~ intent with financing >> is multiple sites
(procs) going forward 12 mos

has created an organization (business model) that is building
itself >> many statements in this CC will be reflected in the co.s
upcoming annual report >>

in continue to be in awe of 2 things >> proc no. 2's *explanation in detail*
(how achieved using data collected from no. 1 and imo feedback given
from clients specific to the re-design) and mgmt's continued ability
to bypass the toxic aspects pertaining to *traditional* financing
re: OTC co.s >> i'll state it again ~ based on the privilege
i've had of interacting with *PIPE* investors >> which now includes
2008 but mostly folks from 2009 ~ i have to say based on this CC
>> every word used to describe JB is showing *true* >> driven/curious
passion/brilliant/loyal/determined >> and i'll add tenacious >> something
i too can relate to :)

there is more but each person is responsible for their DD

happy as hell to be in on the ground floor of a co. i expect
will have a product (P2O) be a household name b4 this decade
comes to an end >>

as always best to JBI investors

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