Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Brig Shareholder Visit

BRIG's VISIT 2/5/11 - 2/12/11


BRIG using P2O fuel:

(quotes I took from his posts)

I'm in Niagra Falls New York with Rawnoc watching the P2O machine running in full production mode.

It's an amazing machine that runs on a continuous stream of plastic. Fuel comes out in a constant stream and is piped over to huge storage tanks.

I'm watching John and Colin draw off samples...... It's coming out a pure color that looks like melted butter..... Gasoline off one tap diesel off the other.

Huge boxes of ground up plastic are brought in and transferred to the continuous feed assembly straight into the processor..... The system is so automated there is little for the operators to do.

I talked to one of the men on the floor and he has worked in the area all his life. He said jobs were so easy to find you could quit one day and work the next. Not the case anymore. He was out of work for 2 years before John gave him a job. He said he has seen companies come and go trying to do what JBII is doing and was STUNNED when he saw how well this processor works. He told me he loads the plastic then monitors it from the control panel then walks the machine checking and observing it running....really kind of boring it runs so well.

I talked to one of the operators and he told me he has the easiest jobs he has ever had....load plastic....monitor the control a walking inspection of the machine as it runs....lather....rinse...repeat...

The whole back building of the recycling center had pile upon pile of plastic....bales of plastic....giant plastic sheets and tarps.....there was also bales of cardboard ready to be shipped out and sold.....

I talked to Colin Robbins during his superbowl party about fuel/fuel blending/fuel sales.....the man knows his business and there's more to it than pouring fuel out of the machine and selling it.....there are so many things the company can do with it from from blending and selling retail to selling wholesale to selling as boiler fuel.....that's his job to determine the most profitable way to sell the fuel....he has the contacts to do it and he was hauling off fuel samples to take to customers....

I personally tapped gasoline off the processor in New York....i personally put that gasoline in a lawnmower,fired it up and watched it run....there are heaters made that run on USED motor oil for crying out loud.....anyone that thinks JBII can't sell fuel that will run a lawnmower is living in a dream world....used motor oil being used to run heaters and nobody will be interested in gasoline? ROFL!!


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