Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rawnoc Visit to JBII

My visit to the JBII facilities an area 2/5/11 - 2/12/11

My pics:

(1) I witnessed fuel being produced from unwashed mixed multicolored otherwise landfill bound industrial sources. They had more feedstock than they know what to do with it seems in 3 different facilities. Mountains of it. You should read the company names on the boxes. It's all garbage that can't be recycled. It's more obviously why when you see it. Some of it is nasty bags, greenhouse crap, compressed huge bales of garbage bags....all sorts of stuff. Overwhelming. A real eye opener.

(2) I saw the 2nd processor being worked on.

(3) I witnessed plastic in, fuel out, with the fuel looking so pure you can see through it.

(4) I witnessed how automated and simple the processor is to run it. In my observation, one operator IMO could run multiple machines and still have a lot of free time on his hands. The only reason they'll need two to run multiple machines is legal safety requirements. Machine works like a beast and purrs like a kitten. I'm so stunned how efficient and automated it is by touchscreen computers. It seems to my untrained eye to run itself.

(5) Senior VP Colin I met is extremely smart, experienced, and humble. Awesome addition to the company. And serves great beer at his superbowl party. Next year's superbowl he'll be serving top shelf champagne IMO.

(6) I've concluded sales will be a no brainer. Colin was often tapping off samples presumably for prospective buyers. My guess is he was looking for score a long term contract with the highest bidder? I don't know. Didn't ask.

(7) I've posted a lot more details from conversations with the workers, the security/police who have been buying in the open market, other shareholders I met, etc. Too much to put in one post off the top of my head but I thought I'd at least make this summary as a starting point and feel free to ask me any additional questions either publicly or privately.


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  1. Timely answers? Have try to connect/work with P2O for over a year w/o much success-to take post-consumer 1-7 polymers to processor/collection in/near Delaware. Many possibilites/hopes dangling.


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