Sunday, May 22, 2011

JBII Investors are an Extremely Intelligent Bunch

You would HAVE to be to see the tremendous potential here.

Dumb people just can't see it.......even though it's about as obvious as a Big Green ELEPHANT would be in a room.

The issue is some people are color blind, and/or prejudiced.

If they're color blind, they don't see the Green Elephant.

If they're prejudiced (PRE Judgemental), then they can't see it either, because their blinders (PRE conceived notions they CANNOT get beyond) prevent it.

But SMART people don't have those problems.......they look at JBII objectively (keep an open mind), and do the research required to come to their decision.

And when they do THAT...well....they come to the conclusion that JBII is the Ultimate No Brainer.


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