Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Love of a Long. From Paco_Matrid

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Good morning everybody!!!

It´s going to be a fun 32 days on our way to the CC

It´s my firts post here but I´ve been listening to you all since the bear rally from 7 to 1. I started my position on 3,2... then I bought some more on 5 and finally, my biggest move was made at 7,5 (you can all imagine how many times I´ve dreamt about that movement)

At that time my share portfolio was made of 4 four companies, 3 conservative and JBI. Retrospectively speaking, you can imagine how much I´ve sweated with this company. Besides all the speculation and the doomwatchers, I´ve been making my position stronger with all I got, averaging down all that I could, knowing that the risk was CRAZY. My last buy was made at 0.55 and, with this move, I finished with my conservative portfolio (100% JBI). After that, the only thing I could do is to wait and listen to you all: the nonsayers and my dear friends, the longs...

Yes I know, you all can say that I don´t know what I´m doing and I have to admit that it´s been a long-suffering year. However, I´ve never lost my faith in John... and you guys have kept me convinced that this was a once in a life time opportunity. YES, in my case, it´s just a matter of feeling and faith in what John is doing in JBI (besides the mistakes he´s done along the way... but hey, he´s learned quite a lot from those mistakes)

I´m from Spain and I talked about this company with my dear friend jromero. We both have shared a lot of good conversations about everything you post and I would like to thank Rawnoc, Zardiw, grantg2, soss, lovethatgreen (sorry for the rally of April), fourkids_9pets and last but not least... a special thanks to Estimated_Prophet and Justice37

By the way, if some of you are wondering, I have not sold a single share so far... and I will not sell a single share at these prices. You shorts can discredit my doing all you want, but here I stay proudly as a true LONG

Good luck to ALL!!!!!




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