Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Imperial Whazoo comments on the constant naysayer negative attacks on JBII

You know, raw, the obvious point of all the wet blanket stuff about ragger tail and plastic and purportedly incomplete and/or trickily worded contracts and/or agreements is to attempt to prove the point that what is apparently good news is, in fact, anything but good news.

Fact is that RKT has taken the open, public step to have a social networking presence that trumpets their relationship with JBII. And they have assigned an in house staff person of some rank to be in charge of whatever that social presence is or ends up being.

They have tasked a task and assigned that task and the presence is real.


Have they taken such a stance with any other entity than JBII?

Have they, people?

Have they?

Obviously not.

The one and only deal of any kind they have made that establishes a path forward for them to generate environmentally friendly future processing avenues is with JBII.


No other company of any type has any type of contract or agreement or any such thing that even purports to approach the problem of changing the manner in which plastic waste from their factories and processing centers is biodegradably handled or land filled.

Nobody else but JBII.





There is all kinds of verbage and wording and clever stances that lawyer types can charge fat fees to promulgate but all things being as they ACTUALLY are, there is absolutely no other player in this game except JBII.

Nobody but JBII.

And whether or not some highly paid legal parser of cunning and deceitful wording can post on this or any other blog alleging that there are omissions and gaps and so forth in the agreement/contract, it remains a fact that the one and only player in this ballgame is none other than JBII.

The one and only, folks: JBII

And that's just the simple, plain spoken truth. promulgated by a simple man in a simple place in flyover country where yes means yes, and an obvious contract/agreement that is an establishment of a straightforward business relationship is simply that: the establishment of a ten year, friendly business arrangement that is obviously intended to profit both parties.

Gaps my ass.

Missing phrases and omitted wording and inspecifics my ass.

This is a 10 year agreement with one company: JBII.

It is to open up a new way to handle environmental waste that is now not handled satisfactorily.

It is green

It is clear.

It is not deceitful.

It does not contain omissions and tricks to bankrupt JBII.

It is a well considered, professionally generated, firmly intended & solidly supported new business avenue that is certain to generate profitable outcomes for both RKT & JBII.


Imperial Whazoo

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