Friday, November 11, 2011

Rawnoc opines on why JBII has massive upside potential


JBII has developed what many of us believe is the first and only economically viable green energy process in history that takes free waste plastic that would normally be sent to landfill and converts it into consumer-read spec diesel fuel and fuel oil #6 that is better performing and cleaner than fuel from refineries. Trillions of dollars have been spent around the world trying to develop a green alternative energy that's actually economically viable without government help AKA self-sustaining and truly a substitute. JBII has done it. They are the first and the only in history -- while at the same time having the first and only true viable solution to the terrible plastic waste problem. When the world figures this out that JBII can make a killing solving two huge problems, which they will, ALL HEAVEN IS GOING TO BREAK LOOSE.

JBII is close to or done perfecting the design of their first commerical-scale plastic2oil processor with a "plug and play" design to allow for massive and rapid expanion to unleash an army of their processors around the world. Just to start, JBII has recently signed a 10 year exclusive contract with NYSE: RKT to house processors since their facilities and feedstock generated each day can support hundreds of processors.

The process has very few costs -- free feedstock, the off-gas from the feedstock energizes the system so the energy to run it is almost entirely free, and the fuel produced is extremely valueable. The process is almost entirely automated so even labor costs are almost nothing. The result is the design of what many of us think will quickly prove to be a massively profitable process creating fuel at extremely high profit margins.

JBII is currently building/installing 2 more processors for their current plant in Niagara Falls, NY and 3 processors for an initial NYSE: RKT site. Many of us believe those 2 extra processors alone producing and selling fuel along with the 1st will make enough profits from each barrel of fuel sold to make the entire company profitable. From there, many of us expect a massive rollout as making carbon copies of the plastic2oil processors designed "modular rack, plug and play" style should be a cake walk. Think Red Box type of business mode -- once they knew a single red box machine was profitable and easy to duplicate, they blanketed North America with their machines.

JBII has been heavily endorsed by the Niagara Falls Mayor, 3 New York State senators, NYSE: RKT, New York Department of Environmental Conservation, Islechem, the private R&D lab of NYSE: OXY (both formerly owned and currently hired as), etc. Their fuel has been certfied by Intertek, PetroLabs, Alberta, Resource Council, Southwest Research Institute and bought by NYSE: OXY, Coco Paving, and is currently being tested by others.

When the street figures all this out, many of us think....


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