Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Long Term Fuel Supply Agreement with Indigo Energy!!

Note: If you notice the first bolded implies that they no longer have to spend time on marketing. i.e. they now have a buyer for all they can produce.

JBI, Inc. (the "Company") (OTCQX:JBII) is pleased to announce today the signing of a long-term fuel supply agreement with Indigo Energy Partners, LLC ("Indigo Energy").

Indigo Energy is a service-driven, wholesale distributor of petroleum products and renewable fuels that utilizes an expansive network of distribution terminals and bulk plants across the continental United States.

Under the terms of the agreement, Indigo Energy will off-take No. 6 Fuel Oil, from the JBI, Inc. Plastic2Oil ("P2O") facility in Niagara Falls, NY.

The timing of this agreement in the early stages of the Company's growth allows it to focus singularly on increasing production and growing capacity, instead of the marketing and distribution of its fuel products.

"We are very impressed with JBI, Inc.'s proprietary technology and the quality of their fuel products," stated Martin N. Underwood, Jr., COO of Indigo Energy. "Additionally," continues Mr. Underwood, "We feel this partnership is a natural fit for both companies and we look forward to bringing JBI, Inc.'s products to market as they expand production capacity to future plants across the U.S."

John Bordynuik, CEO and Founder of JBI, Inc., commented, "We are excited about this partnership on several levels. First of all, we are proud to be affiliated with a company with the profile of Indigo Energy; a company which believes that green fuels can make a significant contribution to supplying clean, reliable energy."

"Secondly," continues Mr. Bordynuik, "After securing plastic feedstock supplies and creating a commercially viable, 'green' process for transforming plastic into oil, this agreement fulfills the final stage of our business growth plan, the distribution of our ultra-clean, ultra-low sulphur fuel to end-users."


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