Wednesday, April 11, 2012

JBII Current Status. Morale is High!

From DZ25,  JBII Investor:

I just spoke to Chris Irons. All is well in Thorold. Fight the good fight JBII Longs!! He states that the teamwork and work ethic of all at JBI is incredible. John works 18-20 hours daily. I asked about his family and he stated, 'they understand what he is trying to accomplish'. JBI is his family while at work.

We are humming along nicely. The entire community is behind JBI and it has become a fight for what will be a huge benefit for many; local, nationally, and internationally! The process works and is the envy of all in the industry, especially, Agilyx. :)

Do not lose hope or let any posted fear, uncertainty, or doubt get in your way. There are large forces trying to put JBI out of business. Not just short all the way down. They have a plan, they are executing their plan.

Now is the time to stand up for JBI. Be vocal, share the news with all who will listen to you. This is from Chris Irons, my friend. Not Chris Irons, the IR Director. We will succeed because humanity loses too much if we don't. John DOES have shareholders and employees interests top of mind. The daily miniscule price slide should not worry any true long. As always, be smart. Invest what is right for your unique circumstances. I for one am in this for the long haul. I KNOW I am in good hands.



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