Monday, April 9, 2012

JBII Investor Opines on SEC Suit, Skeptics & Naysayers

All along the road to success at JBII, we face snipers hiding in dangerous vantage points;

...and these powerful & deep pocketed parties want to both disempower the company and steal its secrets.
JBII has a catalyst that can be employed to turn non-recyclable plastic, plastic that does not decompose (it only pollutes), into useable petrochemical fuel products.

Anyone think this just might have some intrinsic value?

It is obvious, IMHO, and it necessarily follows, that the huge value of this secret would drive all kinds of crime and all kinds of criminals to do anything and everything imaginable to obtain it.

IMHO, JBII has systematically followed a deliberately structured strategy that protects this secret catalyst from domestic and international thieves.

And furthermore, I have patiently read and read, but I never saw that anyone EVER noticed that the silent running that has been JBII's modus operandi has repeatedly shown itself to be a paramountly wise way of advancing while simultaneously defending.

I laud and applaud the JBII decision makers for the tepid pace of released info because, as I watch each obstacle get overcome, I perceive a method to the apparent madness .

I guess, as a knee-JERK reaction, we could all get our panties in a permanent wad and pout out our lower lips and stamp our collective feet, like we are Shirley Temple dolls in some lame cartoon rendition of reality, or we could adopt the following view:

...when attacked for employmenet violations, this "slow-and-steady-wins-the-race" technique paid off. We won that round of invalid lawsuits.

And we are obtaining the same result in both the Kidd matter and the SEC thing, as well.

I mean, we all crave to know the reasons behind the paucity of published info.

We all want to know the deep down, behind the scenes "skinny and lowdown", but now that we have gotten one more victory over insurmountable, well heeled, deep-pocketed, devious, side-issue attacks from hidden entities, it just might dawn on people (IMHO), that all of the tripe we have all endured has been handled effectively by well thought approach from JBII decision-makers.

Somebody (or somebodies) is at the decision making helm at JBII and their approach to dealing with all of this endless tripe is working well IMHO.... and repeatedly, I might add.

At each protective step.... as each landmine gets defused..... I applaud and laud them for the way this thing is being advanced and defended.

So JBII tells the world next to nothing while they huddle to plan to evicerate the illicit SEC allegations.... and we all endured a long period of angst while their silent preparations to file appropriately at the scheduled hearing dragged on behind the scenes, unelaborated on.

Now, having defanged the illicit SEC accusations by showing that the right hand at the SEC did not even know that the left hand at the SEC had already approved of the accounting usage of the media credits, JBII immediately takes the next of its well thought out chess moves:
They file the necessary papers to officially strip secrets from the 8Ks they OBVIOUSLY intend to very soon begin to file.
They had to defang the court cases so that they did not face demands that they expose their secret in lawsuit depositions.

WOW!! The danger was forced depositioned secrets disgourgement, not illicit financial gains disgourgement. Duh!!

It was always obvious to me, as a tactician and logical thinker, that JBII was strategic in its long-winded silence for the express reason that they had to protect their trade secrets from exposure in depositions in the several lawsuits.

So they answer the SEC lawsuit, tell the world about the duplicity of the Boston SEC attack, and then they IMMEDIATELY file to protect their trade secrets from exposure.

If they had filed to protect their trade secrets prior to answering the SEC accusations, then the fraulent SEC allegations would have still have been in place and JBII could have been forced to divulge their precious secrets.

So we all suffered thru months of angst until the legal threats had been defanged.

Obviously, therefore, it follows that we will now begin to find out about all kinds of things.

....where the RKT thing stands, (site selection, for example)

....where the build-out of site infractucture at the RKT site stands,

...and RKT site licencing status.

...unPRed details of all kinds that they have deliberately held back on 8King while the lawsuit-vectored attacks stood formally unreplied.

The other lawsuits already got defanged. The SEC has now been defanged.

Now people.... pay attention to the elegance of the thing the answer in court to the big-dog SEC accomplished. It was a deft and elegant and beautiful stroke of sheer legal brilliance, people!!
As of the answer in court to the SEC allegations, it logically follows that the SEC is now in no position to refuse to allow the filing to protect secrets, due to the lawsuit they are a party to, LOL.
With the court in the equation, JBII can now go forward unthreatened by the potential of the lawsuits exposing their trade secret via the vector of depositions.

The SEC itself has to give their stamp of approval to this matter, and if this AWKWARD dead-end into which the SEC has gotten itself is not pregnant reason for dismissal of the case itself, then I do not know what is!!!

ROTFLMAO, people.

This was a well executed battlefield maneauver, people!!

....and we can now expect to get an avalanche of catch up on all kinds of things from JBII.


We all, again, suffered lengthy episodes of prolonged angst as we endured endless belittlements by countless, faceless accusers, but today we saw the next shoe drop:

.... JBII files for what is needed to go forward with future news releases and official filings with the permission to hide their precious secrets without getting attacked for not having told the world the highly valuable secret truths. They can proceed without telling a world of devious theives and power players that they have the key to this precious technology.

Well done JBII.

Well played.

Keep it comen', loves. Keep it comin'!!

Way to go JBII & well done indeed!!

Imperial Whazoo

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