Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Brigg Reports from the P2O Facility

Pretty slick...the entire system is automated....the machine splits the fuel into diesel and gasoline and the fuel goes into 2 tanks.....when the tanks reach a certain level the system automatically pumps the fuel to larger storage tanks...continuous feed...continuous processing....continuous flow of fuel.....AMAZING!!

I talked to one of the men on the floor and he has worked in the area all his life. He said jobs were so easy to find you could quit one day and work the next. Not the case anymore. He was out of work for 2 years before John gave him a job. He said he has seen companies come and go trying to do what JBII is doing and was STUNNED when he saw how well this processor works. He told me he loads the plastic then monitors it from the control panel then walks the machine checking and observing it running....really kind of boring it runs so well.

Yes i couldn't be more impressed with the facility. We were there until late last night. The machine when it's running is quiet. I was talking to the 2 operators and they told me the machines is easy to run. All they do is load giant bins of plastic into the hopper. The control panel is well laid out and easy to use. It shows everything going on in each part of the machine. They also have a 42" LCD display high up on the wall that shows running specs on the machine that can be seen from all over the facility plus an additional one in the break room.


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  1. Still wiuld like video/assurance as to post-comsumer waste feedstock tolerance. Also shipping specs if possible.


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