Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rawnoc Reports from the P2O Factory

Machine works like a beast and purrs like a kitten. I'm so stunned how efficient and automated it is by touchscreen computers. It seems to my untrained eye to run itself. Unwashed mixed multicolored industrial free plastic continuously fed. If it was legal, one dude can operate 3 machines and still have a lot of time on his hands reading an entire book during his shift IMO.

You have no idea how insanely busy everybody at the plant is and are until the weeee hours of the morning then up again. They work their BUTTs off real bad nonstop, especially John.

We don't need to be babysat. Helped out a little. Took zero of their time.

They literally have more plastic feedstock right now than they know what to do with. Of course, eventually they'll process it all. Just a wild guess, it would SEEM like it's coming in faster than they can possibly process it with one machine in the fuel factory.

By the way, some have questioned the logistical efficiency of the operations being on a border and the complexities of crossing it. I, too, wondered that a bit myself, thinking it would be an annoying time-consuming delay. I, too, was dead wrong. I spend more time at most red lights than it took to cross. 30 seconds maybe?

We should probably stop calling it a machine.

This is a fuel factory. It pretty much runs itself. John has this thing so automated every aspect of it then it basically just makes fuel on its own. It's that automated now.


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  1. Just now the question is WHEN will they PR...


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