Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Imperial Whazoo Speaks The Truth

Bingo. To the key point, mam.

See, JBII does not need, much less want, VC types frolicking around with any degree of control over the company. Frankly, it is amazing to me that people have failed to appreciate the degree to which JB has succeeded in keeping outside control of that type from gaining any kind of toe-hold.

And here's a thought for you: maybe the piling on of bottom feeding type of law firms is evidence that the outside parties are looking for some kind of avenue to insinuate themselves into the control room of the company. They were denied entrance by JB, deliberately, and they resort to indirection as their tactic of choice to punish this little company and its brilliant leader for having had the audacity to kick against the prods.

Look at it like there are parties out there who do not want ordinary people to attain freedom from control mechanisms like the control over our everyday lives the oil companies & OPEC currently possess.

Along comes the guy who shows the world that there is a way to turn the plastic that comes from oil back into usable oil products. If these powers-that-be can continue to control the input of oil into all the world's economies, then they control our everyday activities thru the by-products of the oil they monopolistically control: gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, & so forth.

If they could have insinuated themselves by the innocuous looking avenue of VC style investors who were to some degree beholden to the ongoing unsatisfactory worldwide status quo (under the guise of being only interested in generating an income stream from their venture capital), they could have hoped to begin gradually absorbing the company and its tecnology. A logical plan to have anticipated would have been for them to cyclically put more and more into the company and to eventully have control so they could force the sale of the company to one of the entities who does not want it to become a force for good in the world. Then, that entity could simply "disappear" the technology, and control over the world's economies could have continued unimpeded. JB would have been made a very rich man, they would own the technology, and the benefits to the world as a whole would be "disappeared".

So, it seems to me that it is no coincidence that JBII did not let VC types become the financiers of the company and the next event on the event horizon, after the DEC granted them their license to operate, was a cluster of pestering lawsuits.

I just see it as the strategy of those who want this technology to fail to deliver. There are powers out there who can not allow an escape hatch to come into existence that would allow those they control to have some freedom. I think that, having not been allowed to gain a toe-hold by VC activities, the anti-P2O interests are resorting to the tactic of these lawsuits to stop the economic blitzkrieg the ability to process the plastic and turn it into fuel products represents.

Now, in that the company has the DEC license to go forward, and in that they have interested parties who have stepped forward as either host sites for the processors or buyers of the output, I do not think these parties can prevent JBII from reporting around Aug 15th and they can not stop the release of good deal news. I think these kinds of things will force the price back up from here.

I see a battle in place, but the license and the sales and the interested parties and the governmental advocates (mayors, state senators, ond so on) make me think that JBII is not at the mercy of the huge outside parties who want this technology to disappear, unused.

Watch for more news and watch for timely SEC filings, which are coming out soon. They will revitalize the buzz, IMHO. There are battles that will take place but JBII is not without weaponry.

Thats my view, anyway.

Imperial Whazoo

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