Friday, August 5, 2011

stocker11 sends special thanks and congratulations to the JBII team and all its supporters

This will be my only post today and I wanted to use it to thank John and the entire team at JBI for bringing this technology to market at such an incredible speed. From a table top model to a 20-30 ton, fully permitted, processor is not an easy accomplishment in such a short period of time.

You'll remember initially that they intended only to make oil for the refinery but as they progressed they saw way past that to where they can now produce nearly any type of fuel in-line. That foresight and the technology around it are incredible. JBI’s processor is far ahead of any competitor and it will take years for them to catch up as they will have to work around pending patents (although the catalyst is the real game changer).

The entire team worked tirelessly through all the obstacles and roadblocks set up by those not wanting them to succeed.

I do not know the entire JBI team but I need to thank those in the local office – the team there is incredible – their perseverance and dedication needs to be commended:

John Bordynuik, Dr. Jacob Smith, Bob Molodynia, Ron Kurp, Allan Barnett, Katie Matkowski, Christine Merrick, Allan Barnett, Brian Seburn, Colin Robbins, Nathan Dobbins and others I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet.

The agreement with Rock-Tenn did not just happen overnight – it took months and months of hard work to strike that first major deal. Others will come more easily now but the next stage (full scale operations) will be equally challenging.

This is just the beginning of what is to come. A number of shareholders have provided their assistance with both monetary support and providing help whenever they could – you too are to be commended and please continue.

Who would have thought that a message board would have such a major influence on shareholder – the followers are now at 689 and I expect it will 10 times that very soon. There are many here that have fought a tough battle over the past 2 years abd I think we all need to thank the core group of supporters from the beginning Rawnoc, Brig88, 4kids9pets, Justice37, Zardiw, Paula - there are so many more.

Special thanks to Islechem for their assistance in making scale-up a reality.

This is a very special company – they will make a difference. They will be helping remove non-biodegradable waste plastic from our landfill and oceans. Their processor is virtually emissions free (no scrubbers needed)and the resulting fuel will replace at least some of the high sulphur, high polluting fuel currently on the market.

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