Monday, December 13, 2010

Airdale1 discusses global plastic waste problem, JBII, and P2O solution

Throwaway plastic is everywhere. Virtually every package and part imaginable is plastic based. The petroleum based miracle product of the 60's is the bane of the 21st century. We are drowning in plastic. It's a problem for landfills, dumps, the ocean, recyclers, and large cities who have to haul it away. It's an issue for the EPA and every city manager in any environmental based high tech country. We've all had two or more garbage receptacles for decades. One for "garbage" and one for recyclables, and they are both becoming a huge problem. Where do we keep putting it all?

JBII and probably others are on the right tack. Take those petroleum based plastics and return them to petroleum. Problem solved. No one company will have all the solutions. It's going to take more than just JBII to cure the enormity of this issue IMO so that argument is moot. Bring them all on.

You can argue which company or process is the best but it will be the engineers and their fancy tests for governing agencies that make the final decisions. The firm with the cleanest process, that is most efficient and that is cost effective will win the majority of contracts.

Successful companies in this niche could be anywhere from the DOW to a Pinky and they will make their shareholders a ton of money. The need for this process cannot be argued by reasonable beings, it is essential.

Islechem LLC., a highly reputable firm, has already given the green light to JBII. If the DEC issues the permits to process then JBII has a huge lead in the U.S.A. for plastic to fuel. The stringency of New York's permitting process will enable JBII to replicate quickly, country wide. They will also pave the way for others to follow their process. Big deal, there is plastic enough for a lot of competition.

We all need this process to work, we, and our children will be grateful for those who make it happen.


  1. Hey guys,

    Go to and you will see JBII mentioned under new forum topics. My goal for 2011 is to get the word out. I know this org. is based in the UK but plastics in landfills are a global problem. It can't hurt.

    Also, I have already contacted Bobby Kennedy Jr. ,Al Gore and several Senators. I hope by the end of the day, I will have contacted at least 2 or 3 Governors. Since the cost of each processor is relatively inexpensive and the profit margin so great, I would hope this will spark an interest.

    Also, since there is still stimulus money out there, they could finance this will low "out of pocket". Politicians know a good thing when they see one and will use their clout.

    Voters from the right and left will be satisfied..Very good for the politicians.

  2. Is this blog down now that the Permit was issued?
    Too busy or?

  3. Nope.......Still alive and well.......z

  4. No more going-ons to share? Would anyone tell me who's shipping waste plastic to P2O-I'd like to see if we could start this way!


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