Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Two enthusiastic JBII shareholders discuss the stock

provencial comments:
I think JBII will be on the big boards trading at over 10.00 a share in 3-5 years.
I sold off all other stocks I had and put my money here, I plan on buying as much as I can when I can.
Never thought I could buy-in here at this price!!!!
A dream come true for me.

P2OBleavR says:
Thank God for Pipe Dreams and Dreamers. We are only at the tip of the iceberg on the potential of JBII and all its products. I grew up prior to the computer age and watched it develop from the hugh main frame stage for commercial use to the ability to take ones laptop and access from anywhere. Just think what this world would be without if someone didn't have the ability to dream and "tweak" his/her dream.

provincial responds:
I agree! To me JBII is the equivalent of discovering IBM or google when they started out.
A very rare opportunity!

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