Friday, December 3, 2010

Estimated_Profit offers his personal JBII "due diligence" to a questioning skeptic

The due diligence that helped me believe P2O is for real the most all came from things outside of the message boards. There are three key items that make me a believer in P2O. I am just stating my personal belief. If you want the incredibly strong evidence, you will just have to wait. The price should rise accordingly, if/as stronger evidence mounts.

1) Meeting John, his wife, co-workers, and family. Couple this with the very small city of Niagara, Canada. I just don't think an individual would scam 100's of people in a 70k city, along with his family. Having met many of these individuals, there is no way they are "in on it". They are your typical small town, homely, good natured people. Running a stock scam is the furthest thing from their minds. Hearing stories from John's old neighbors, and people that have known him for decades goes a long way. You would have had to attend the AGM to have this experience.

2) NYSDEC-I have never personally called, but I know quite a few individuals who have. These are people that I trust. You can talk to several different individuals, and the things they say they heard from the NYSDEC are all the same. The DEC is truly impressed and excited about JBI.

3) Islechem-Obviously, their "validation" hasn't lit up the investment community. People seem to place little belief in their stamp of approval. I can come up with a sinister plot for them to be "in on it". Seriously though, I know they are impressed, and want their name stamped all over this project. I know that wasn't how it started from the beginning. They were just as skeptical as anyone should be when someone tells you the claims of JBI's P2O. Hal Pierce appears to be a big force in helping JBI, and the NYSDEC has confirmed that JBI is moving at lightning speed compared to most projects. Division of Oxyshmoxy, however you want to put it, it is a nice endorsement, nonetheless.

It's absolutely fair to say that the lack of evidence to date, the absence of key backers/partners, lack of visibility, funds on hand, and along with some mistakes along the way, is why JBI is only trading at $.57.

This is a young company, with a fast learning, but rookie CEO. John wasn't groomed on how to run an organization. He possess the ability to learn quickly from his mistakes. The next several months will prove if he grew from the rough first year and a half that all new entrepreneurship's("one who undertakes innovations, finance and business acumen in an effort to transform innovations into economic goods") face. Raising money to manifest an idea isn't easy, especially if you want a large control of it, and extra especially in this tougher economic climate. Add to this the paranoia that would come if you have the recipe to transform and give birth to a new industry potentially worth billions.

When funds are tight, you don't always have the best tools, resources, and personnel at your disposal. This has caused a lot of the red flags. Put yourself in John's shoes. What would it be like to hold the "secret catalyst" worth billions? Think how hard it would be to make it to the commercial stage, while maintaining huge control of it. Think how it feels to have that power, all while many are calling you a scam artist, fraud, etc.?

I don't blame anyone for being hugely skeptical of JBI at this stage. If you "want to believe", then keep watching with your critical eye, and maybe evidence will pierce your threshold of risk tolerance, and you can invest accordingly. I think any rational investor/speculator knows that if P2O works as claimed, then the stock is worth hundreds of percent more than where it is today, bare minimum, with the ability to something incredibly special if managed well.

Good luck!

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