Monday, April 11, 2011

New Updates to the JBII Website:

Plastic2Oil Why Us

We are a domestic alternative fuel company that developed, scaled, enhanced, and commercialized a process that converts difficult-to-recycle waste plastics into separated, refined fuels. We have successfully overcome significant barriers in this field, namely:

* Our process accepts mixed waste plastics.
* Our process is continuous, 20T/day and small (less than 1000 sqft)
* Residue is removed automatically without shutdown.
* The product is refined and separated fuels without the high cost of a distillation tower.
* Our equipment is not susceptible to costly pinhole leaks.
* Our process operates at atmospheric pressure.
* Our process is permitted to use its off-gas as fuel (8% of feedstock) therefore conversion costs are very low: 67kWh electricity for motors, and pumps, and approx. $7/hr for natural gas top up (if required).
* Significant labs have validated our technology: IsleChem (process), CRA (Stack Test), Intertek and Petrolabs (fuel testing), and a rigorous permit process with the NYSDEC (NY State).
* Our emissions are less than a natural gas furnace. We are not required to monitor our emissions or install scrubbers.
* Fuel additives are injected inline while the fuel is produced.
* We have significant downstream technology to ensure fuel quality control.

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  1. And where is the mid-Atlantic producer of post-consumer plastic to go with this?


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