Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rikkitik's Report from the Conference

The presentation was indeed geared towards the industry professionals, and JBI is a hit here at the seminar! No new material information was presented, but there was much interest in the form of questions and post meeting discussion by the attendees. John did mention that the shareholder base has more than doubled since the last AGM, and applauded the grassroots efforts and support of JBII shareholders.

My impression from the seminar is that the JBI P2O initiative is poised for imminent expansion with large waste plastic stream customers that cannot wait to partner with JBI! Not only will it save them landfill costs, but also allow them the opportunity to share in the fuel sales.

That the modular design is almost complete, large waste plastic streams are more-than-ready to have a processor or two on their property, and that the company is gearing-up to support a land-rush in the near future. I ask John specifically if the financials would be filed and time, and his response was yes, as the whole company was very busy with the audits.


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