Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Report from the Conference by Justice

Rikkitik, was great meeting you at the conference.

The presentation was well received and you were right, no material information was disclosed.

I have a few notes I want to share as there was some new information. Another company has tested the fuel, the Alberta Research Council. They are the Gold Standard in Canada when it comes to testing fuel. Guess what, just like we have been told all along, JBI produces light naphtha (pure unblended gasoline) and diesel #2. There is one difference, the fuel is even cleaner now. Previously the sulfur content was 8 parts per million, it now has 0.5 parts per million (500 parts per billion) and no sediment or water content. The ratio of diesel and gasoline is 70% and 30% (and yes the fuel is separated during the P2O process). John is still reporting that the fuel is produced for less than $10 a barrel.

One of the questions after the presentation was if a car used the JBI fuel would it void the warranty. The answer was JBI fuel would absolutely not void a warranty, the fuel is no different than what you would get from a refinery. It started out as fuel and is converted back into fuel.

John was asked about how much a recycling facility would save if they had a P2O processor and the answer was that some large facilities send 170 tons of plastic to landfill per day. Smaller facilities send 120 tons per day.

Now I figure that for a large recycling facility, if JBI only processes half that amount, just to be extremely and overly conservative, using the average tipping fees in the states as a base, $43 per ton, a large facility saves $3655 a day in tipping fees and that does not include transportation costs. Taken to a five day work week, it's just under a million dollars a year, again this does not include transportation costs (truck, fuel, driver).

The JBI staff at the presentation were extremely upbeat and enthusiastic about what has been happening recently and look forward to when they can let us know what all the new developments are.


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