Wednesday, April 13, 2011

P2O Processor Improvements


This may be the single, most important and informative paragraph I have ever read in the 18 months I have had my shares:

In addition, he has added significant technology to guarantee fuel quality, along with installing an inline fuel additive injecting system on both heavy and light fuel condensing systems. He has also engineered a hot-tap residue removal process. Quality control includes two columns for control and specificity of fuel fractions, a cyclone (particulate removal in vapor), fuel filters (particulate removal in liquid), and a centrifuge (additional redundant particulate trap), as well as column enhancements to guarantee particulate free fuel. Fuel additives are injected inline while fuel is being produced to increase their effectiveness. The residue removal system now works while the processor is running, so the reactor does not have to be cooled down and stopped to remove residue.

Everytime I read it, I cannot help but agree with some of the higher share price targets others here have posted.

BTW, I also think this paragraph clearly explains some of what has been happening in the four months since JBI was granted permision for commercial production and since JC came on board.


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