Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2 JBII investors opine on P2O air permit approval

GWMAN speaks:

I put two words from the english language together, namely "application" and "development".

My use of these two words together was based on the notion that JBI was working on an application and, since it has not been submitted yet, it is in development. Hence, "application development".

Additional supporting tidbits for my term "application development" include:

1) the September PR indicating JBI received the stack test data and that those data would be included in the permit application,

2) the knowledge that this is a new technology for NY and, thus, there would likely be various discussions between the DEC and JBI on what would be specifically neeeded in the app and supporting data package for this new technology,

3)DEC report backs from posters that the DEC worked with JBI on their stack test and has met with JBI since then (I assume these later meetings must be about the permit application),

4)the logic presented by some posts here that the permit would probably identify types of plastics allowed to be used, maybe volume limits, etc, which, if true, would precipitate some meetings between JBI and DEC to discuss the permit request, requirements, likely permit restrictions, if any, company questions, etc.

If you believe there is a better description, feel free to use your term.

Steady_T opines:

It is true that the air permit application has not been filed as of Friday afternoon. I can not agree that is is a failure.

DEC said that the process is moving along rapidly.

The meeting between DEC and JBI show that JBI has taken the time to understand the permit process.

It seems that many companies just fill in the paper work and send it in to DEC without taking the time to understand DEC's concerns. The results in and exchange of letters, documents and revisions to documents. JBI is meeting with the DEC prior to submitting it's application to understand DEC's concerns and address them and create a mutual understanding. That is a process that goes much faster face to face than it does via email and letters.

I think 2 weeks is likely for the approval after the permit is filed.

DEC has quoted me a range from 2 to 6 weeks. They say that they can't really say until they see the permit.

Taking the time to do it right the first time is not failure

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