Friday, October 29, 2010

StockSpock outlines Top Ten "stupid" iHub JBI topics

StockSpock's Top Ten List of Stupid JBI topics:

10. JBI will have to pay X amount for plastic. Nuf said, it's stupid.

9. Landfill type plastics. Those dirty nasty landfill plastics.

8. EPA fuel registration with years of testing and millions of dollars in expensive lab work.

7. Cable boxes. Honestly now..If anyone says they have never got free cable they lie like a snake. STUPID TOPIC

6. Kaplanis the former employee, a disgruntled litigious meat head. You were fired, get over it... Stupid topic.

5. Tape reading. Can you do it? I hear John Titor is still looking for his IBM 5100.

4. Fuel sales. Do you drive a car?? Stupid as it gets.

3. Pink sheets vs. OTCQX... totally stupid, call it whatever the hell you want. OTCQX IS just a stepping stone until JBI escapes purgatory and uplists. So There..Stupid

2. Media Credits, restated, beat to death like a red headed dead step horse... Do I relly have to say stupid?

1. The competition. Do you really want to go there? Black slurry sludge and goop? MMMMMmmm yep ...stupid..

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