Tuesday, October 26, 2010

stocker11 believes JBII stock price will increase significantly

And when the huge increase in the price per share occurs we will all be rich!

And when uplisting occurs so too will there be a huge increase in the price per share.

And when mass media follows and the world finds out about JBII uplisting will follow very quickly.

Not to mention when the events below occur mass media will follow.

With tax incentives, subsidies and government grants the costs to produce a barrel of fuel will be reduced significantly.

Add to that:
- an abundance of feedstock @ zero cost or better,
- off gases/fuel can run processors and generators that will effectively eliminate the need to pay for power,
- minimal labor costs,
- high tech monitoring which may allow a single operations room for all working processors around the world,
- Joint Venture partnerships buying into the company will add to the bottom line,
- direct sales to retail as a result of the blending facility will add to the bottom line significantly,
- testing results will lead to permits in the near future,
- mass media and uplisting will follow.

Everyone wants and needs a solution to the plastic problem and JBII is in a position to provide that solution.

There is no reason for DEC not to issue permits. IMO the PPS will increase significantly in the not to distant future

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