Thursday, October 14, 2010

DaveinHackensack shares email communication with DEC official

Yes, I did speak with Larry Sitzman.

And I'll get to his comments in a moment. But first, I'd like to point out something about the tier of the Pink OTC Markets JBII trades on, the OTCQX. I've done some research on this and it appears that the primary difference between companies on the OTCQX and those on the "Pink Sheets -- Current Information" tier is that OTCQX companies pay Pink OTC Markets a $5k application fee and a $15k annual fee to get an OTCQX listing. It's not uncommon to find stronger companies on the "Pink Sheets -- Current Information" tier than on the OTCQX (e.g., some foreign multinationals). More details on that here:

Now, on to Mr. Sitzman. I called him and asked him if he'd reply via e-mail to the claims made here. His response is below in bold, the italicized part is my initial message to him, and everything else in plain text is the claims I copied and pasted from this board:


David - There was a little literary license taken with the comments attributed to us but nothing too bad. My comments are below in bold

>>> DaveinHackensack <******> >>>

Thanks for agreeing to review the comments about JBI, Inc.attributed to your department in the message board post I've copied and pasted below and let me know which (if any) are accurate. Incidentally, here is the link to post I copied and pasted below, and here is a link to a post where a commenter attributes the DEC information to you (albeit, misspelling your last name).

Best Regards,


A friend of mine validated with a similar conversation to the DEC emailed me today and ask me to respond to this post with his detils [Sic]. He said he read the post asking if anybody else validated it and wanted me to respond since he doesn't have as much time for the boards as I do (lol). I've known him for around 10 years so I trust his info.

Anyway, yes, he received similar info.

Additional info from the DEC:
1. JBII's process is a "completely green process" (their words)
I don't know how one would define a "completely green process". There are air pollutant emissions from the heating source used to heat the plastic. The fuel used is natural gas and tail gas from the process. This is why they need a permit from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.

2. They've never seen anything like it.
This is true. JBI said this was the first unit in the country and we haven't been able to disprove that. Based on their design, we allowed a temporary start up of the equipment to collect emission information.

3. JBII will be the first and only ones in the country with anything like this.
True as far as we know

4. The DEC is extremely excited to have a new industry born in New York and under their watch.
I'm from Western New York, center of the rust belt. Of course new industry is exciting

5. DEC expects no further hiccups going forward in getting the permit (their words).
We are waiting for the emission testing results and a permit application but we haven't seen anything to date that would make us stop the process

6. They expect future permit applications to be a breeze in the state of New York (their words). They expect, but cannot promise of course, that getting permits in most other states will also be easy because most of them have similar criteria and can use their data.
Everything gets easier after it's done the first time. However, local issues may slow down or stop any proposed project.

7. The same guys from the DEC who have been on site working with them are the same guys who are involved with processing the application. They don't see anything wrong with the process or they themselves would have spotted it.
We have visited the site and watched the equipment in operation. While we are still awaiting the emission test report, we have seen no red flags to date.

8. They expect NO comment period because the emission levels they expect in the report to be substantially below the levels that would require a comment period.
I suspect this is true but can't promise until we receive a permit application. The public comment period is only 30 days though.

9. They have seen numerous others try and every single one of them fail to do what JBII is doing. None of them even made it to the stack test stage because they failed so miserably sooner whereas JBII not only made it, but preliminary data suggests they passed with flying colors.
We have discussed many other pyrolis units with applicants and may have even received a few permit applications but none in our area have installed and operated equipment.

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