Tuesday, October 26, 2010

iHub posters discuss JBI's air permit application submission

lovethatgreen comments:
According to the conversation that I had with the DEC yesterday they are expecting that all the completed data and wording for the application no later than next week if not sooner. This is from Larry Sitzman (sp) who is the main guy involved in this. Confirmed that they are working closely with JBI to get this all done correctly before an official submission is announced which will facilitate the processing of the application.

Larry sounded extremely positive about the entire project. At this point there appears to be nothing that stands out as a problem.

Stuff like this as a first time deal can take some time to get it right.

kriter78 shares email received from JBII IR:
Pretty generic answer...also left vm and awaiting a call back.

Dear xxx,

Thank you for submitting your question. The Company continues to perform the necessary steps toward issuance of an air permit and that processes with government agencies can take some time to work through. We will absolutely advise the investment public as significant milestones are achieved.

Thank you,

John Zervas

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