Monday, October 25, 2010

Justice37 opines on numerous naysayers' & skeptics' iHub posts re JBI and CEO John Bordynuik

Your assumption about the data recovery is incorrect. John has maintained that he gets 100% of the data off the tapes and that is why NASA sole sourced JBI. You don't have to take my word for it, contact NASA or M.I.T. about this claim. I'm not a computer person but certainly programing language was far different, changed often, and was different at different institutions. The issue I was addressing was that JBI may still be reading the tapes and transferring the information to hard drives (which no one else can do) and what John is no longer doing is spending time figuring out what the raw data or code means. Figuring out what the raw information meant was the time consuming part of the business for John. He made a decision to focus on plastic to oil as it was best for JBI stockholders.

I'm not really sure what you are saying in the last two paragraphs. It seems that what you are saying is opinion regarding a group of professionals as a whole. Are you implying that JB is like everyone else in this profession and if so are you basing any of this on your own experience or anything tangible in regards to JB? I have found John to be very down to earth, he takes time to explain things, and I fully believe he has the interests of shareholders at heart.

I'm not directing this at you, the_big_guy but I'm going off topic for a bit. I don't have a problem with anyone on this board discussing issues related to the company or constructive discussions regarding stock related details. I do have a problem with baseless accusations, innuendo, and taking an assumption and treating it as the fact of the day for people to argue and dispute. I was very happy to see I-HUB take over this troubled board because of all the nonsense that I had been reading on it since last November. It got to the point where I had to stop reading as there was nothing but attack and defend posts and at times little in the way of real discussion or sharing about the the pros and cons of the stock based on documentation or direct contact with the company. It's a shame that the anonymity of I-Hub is abused in that posts were made constantly (a lot less now) that would result in a lawsuit if made publicly. While such anonymity is useful at times it really has been abused in regards to JBI. I'd like to see this board be more of what it was intended, a place where anyone can get information in order to make an educated decision about investing in JBI or not. It has been satisfying seeing the baseless attacks slowly be disproved. At first it was nonsense about the tape reading, it didn't work, others can do it, NASA and M.I.T. have nothing to do with JBI (since I've held the tapes in my hands I really found that amusing) etc... to plastic to oil is a myth (this was the magic catalyst argument), doesn't work, doesn't work as well as JBI says, the independent labs are part of a conspiracy with JBI, to now where the profits suggested are not possible. I look forward to when the permit is given and in short order we can see what profits can be realized with PTO. PTO has been a great ride, from a small table top processor 1.5 years ago, to the large processor used in the August 2010 stack tests. PTO is not the "sprint" everyone hoped it would be last winter but it sure isn't going to be a marathon.

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