Saturday, October 30, 2010

stocker11 discusses BUDs & applauds JBII

scion defines BUDs:
Beneficial Use Determinations (BUDs)

A Beneficial Use Determination (BUD), is a designation made by the Department as to whether the Part 360 Solid Waste Management Facilities regulations have jurisdiction over waste material which is to be beneficially used. Once the Department grants a BUD, the waste material ceases to be considered a solid waste (for the purposes of Part 360) when used as described.

Since BUDs involve determinations over the jurisdiction of the solid waste permit program, BUDs differ significantly from permits. Accordingly, compliance with 6 NYCRR Part 617 State Environmental Quality Review and 6 NYCRR Part 621 Uniform Procedures do not apply to the BUD review process.

Stocker11 states:
BUD is no surprise - it’s been part of the permitting consideration since day one. Testing has previously concluded that there are no harmful toxins in the residue - those tests were performed by Islechem and, I assume, CRA.

BUD is a no brainer as the P2O process reduces a non-biodegradable product, polluting our lands and oceans, by about 99%.

The DEC, EPA and all mankind have all been waiting for a company like JBII to provide a solution to one of the world greatest environmental catastrophes - plastic waste.

Every one of us should be thanking JBII for trying to provide a solution to an environmental disaster happening on our lands and in our seas.

Those wishing that this company fails should be ashamed of themselves.

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