Saturday, October 30, 2010

BeerIsGood opines on JBI's waste plastic feedstock

The storage, control, and environmental management of whatever the feedstock for JBI is is a cost item that will certainly add to the quoted $10/barrel cost.

IMO it depends on the feedstock used. JBI is not using water sewage or nuclear waste. If he uses scrape industrial plastic of known content, their might not be any issues at all.

To begin with, there has been much discussion about JBI as an alternative to landfills
Not from what I recall. The discussion has been JBI using industrial scrap plastic as an alternative to industry sending their scrap plastic to landfills. I don't think JBI is going to use any and all plastic that goes to a landfill. Where did they say that? I thought they were using known scrap plastic from industrial sites. The contamination occurs when this plastic gets mixed with other crap during transportation and at the landfill. IMO if they need a permit for the plastic, so does the place they are getting it from.

If the feedstock is unsorted, unwashed plastic... well you have a contamination issue that must be dealt with.

Where does the contamination come from if he gets known scrap plastic from industrial sites? JBI is not going to mine landfills for plastic(well not yet anyways, not sure about the future).

Not true... he needs a Solid Waste Management Permit
Says who & WHY? What requires JBI to have the permit and not those supplying them the plastic?

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