Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rawnoc discusses potential financial advantages for P2O

Flooded by federal, state, and local government subsidies, grants, tax breaks, and loans.

All this talk about costs is almost laughable. I say it will eventually be less than zero per barrel with the money universally thrown across the board at these projects. Wind, solar, hybrids, ethanol, algae, hydro, biodiesel, any alternative energy idea successfully making ongoing domestic fuel is getting so much government money they don't know what to so with it.

For example, there's a bill in the early stages of the Senate for a .60 per gallon tax/grant for P20. That's over $25 per barrel if passed in the pockets of companies like JBII for free. And that's just one program. What else may they already qualify for? What from the state, county, and city? Do a google search under any alternative fuel idea and the word "grant" -- it's a real eye opener.

Follow the bill, H.R. 3592: Plastics Recycling Act of 2009.

If JBII can merely break even per barrel, they will get so much gov't incentives down the road that it would make them huge bucks. If they can produce for $40, $30, $20, or $10 per barrel, they will get mind-numbingly rich.


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