Monday, October 25, 2010

GWMAN responds to skeptic's comment questioning JBI's ability to obtain free waste plastic feedstock

Paper, it is pretty simple:

Skeptic's comment:
"Mr. Bordynuik really believes he can get free hydrocarbon-only plastic and create a product which is either equivalent to crude oil or can be sold as diesel. Unless he is a liar then something must have convinced him that his claims were real, right? He should be able to communicate that evidence to shareholders."

1. Some would say the PRs regarding reports from Islechem and CRA is confirmation the product can be made.

2. An eighth grader would understand that JBI will not sell it until he has the air permit.

3. JBI may announce a source or more that is supplying plastic and whether it is free as soon as he is selling fuel. But, it is also possible that he may not announce any supply information for quite some time, as he secures ample long-term supply. Some companies actually don't announce/reveal any details regarding certain things in order to protect their business plan/strategy.

And IF JBI goes the latter route, I imagine JBI could have a permit and selling hundreds of barrels per day and some here will call JBI a scam because there is no PR answering all questions about free plastic supply.

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