Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Conservative JBII investor opines on P2O output

Techisbest speculates on P2O output:

Throughput guesstimation...

Having seen the P2O processor in action, my guess is that the throughput is about 2 gallons every 15 seconds (with the two condensers). So...

42 gallons in a barrel of oil
(42 / 2) x 15 = 315 seconds per barrel
109 barrels per 20T processor
210 x 109 = 34335 seconds per 109 barrels
34335 seconds = 9.5 hours

This seems much more realistic to me than any claims of 20T being processed in under 2 hours.

It would be great if the processor can be processing 24/7. I'm not expecting that right off the bat, but perhaps after the first few months (4-6?) of operation we can start approaching that?

The WOW factor will happen when/if three processors can be producing oil 24/7. That will take a lot of plastic and a very busy P2O factory.

If a truck can hold about 200 barrels of oil, then figure one truck per day per processor traveling to the blending facility.

How many barrels can those tanks at the blending facility hold? How many will hold pre-blended oil and how many will hold blended oil? Hopefully the blended oil isn't held for long and trucks leave for customer sites as it becomes ready.

I would be thrilled to see a smooth-running operation - P2O factory to blending facility to customer - running continuously by the middle to end of next year. Along with the announcement of JV sites starting production.


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