Saturday, July 10, 2010

"BigGreen101" applauds JBI's P2O process

Since the P2O is not patented, then why release any data other than final results.

Lets look at an old PR...
In their continuing efforts to analyze the P2O process, Islechem has performed more than 40 small scale runs of various multicoloured, mixed plastic feedstocks through the process. After analyzing the energy consumption, residue, off-gas, and material balance in the process, Islechem has determined JBI's P2O process to be repeatable and scalable. In addition to the confirmed validity of the overall process, Islechem has provided the following statistics regarding the fuel product composition and process emissions:

-- JBI's P2O solution is repeatable and scalable.
-- Approximately 85-90% of the hydrocarbon composition in the feedstock is converted into a "near diesel" fuel.
-- Approximately 8% of the hydrocarbon composition in the feedstock is converted to a usable off gas much like natural gas.
-- Approximately 1% of the feedstock remains in the processor as a residue.
-- This analyzed residue contains various metals from coloring agents and other plastic additives that were originally in the feedstock plastic and a small amount of carbon.
-- The fuel product was analyzed with a gas chromatograph and the chromatogram is similar in many respects to diesel fuel.
-- The fuel product viscosity is approximately 2 cst @ 40 degrees C, and is an amber fuel.
-- The fuel product contains only trace amounts of sulphur.
-- The fuel product centane number exceeds 40.
-- The residue does not appear to contain any highly toxic or difficult to dispose of components.
-- There is no evidence of air toxins in the emissions.
-- The energy balance of the process is positive; that is, more energy value is produced than is consumed by the process. Early data suggests that it is by as much as a factor of two.

Now in this PR, JBII has no indication as to what type of plastic lead to what yield of end product, the time it took, nor a mention of a catalyst.

No specifics, but a general, overall summation of the process.

Now you want details.... this is not going to happen. All the data is company secrets.

Have you heard from him on it?

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