Thursday, July 15, 2010

"tykundegex" opines on Estimated Profit's recent P2O valuation summary

And what about if they sell it post-diesel/gas separation directly to a gas station? What price can they get for it as "pure" diesel and gasoline? 20% more?

Just for fun, if you run your numbers with $75 oil, no downtime (or rather consider than a processor can do 4x 20tpd anyway), and $10 production cost, you get a $14 stock from 5 processors.

Sure it's just a WAG.. but recall that is only the math for 5 processors. I would expect there will be dozens or more within a couple of years.

If P2O does what it claims, and JBI can move quickly enough to take advantage of their technological superiority, I see a $100+ stock in the next few years easily.

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