Thursday, July 15, 2010

JBI's 20 ton P2O processor presently gathering data for an air permit

"The Company requires a permit from the DEC allowing commercial operation of the P2O processing machines in New York. The Company believes that in the near future, it will obtain a permit from the DEC allowing commercial operation of the machines in New York"

"Flaring the excess off-gas is common in the oil and gas industry but is not environmentally friendly, would waste the fuel value, and would require a separate permit. To avoid flaring the excess gas, the Company purchased a gas compression system to buffer and regulate the off-gas to 1) resell or 2) to cold start the process. The gas compression system and mobile storage tanks were installed on the Company’s 20T Plastic2Oil processor in June, 2010. The gas compression was successfully interfaced to the Company's 20T processor. The 20T processor is presently being operated in steady-state conditions to gather data for an air permit."

"The Company will not delay work and testing for an air permit by waiting for a large scale gas/diesel separator."

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