Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Estimated Profit" discusses JBI "investment"

Amazing how many people fail to understand that not one single long invested in JBI for the balance sheet. We invested in what the balance sheet will hopefully look like in 2011 and beyond. It's called speculation, something some here seem to have a problem with.

The company has claimed that their P2O processor can process 109 barrels of fuel from 20T of waste plastic at a cost of under $10/barrel. IF, that's the big word, IF the claims are proven, then here is a possible road map on where the stock could go. Remember, you can change the O/S count, barrels/day, price of oil, PE ratio to your liking.

That's why we are invested. That's why we have made the speculation. Not some media credits, not the tape business, not Javaco, not some cleaning solution(ok maybe 1-5% are invested for it), and not the current assets on the balance sheet.

So glad to see the 10K out and to be reliable. Figured the skeptics would hoot and holler, and figured the longs wouldn't care what was on it(see first paragraph). Nice to hear some explanations and updates on P2O. Let's get this 10Q out next week, and then I'm ready to watch this company execute. Would love a conference call/Q&A session for further explanations and to set the tone going forward. Hope they are considering this. If this company is a huge success, then I think we will all look back to this time period and be thankful we went through it. Didn't like it at the time, but it was probably exactly what was needed for true longterm success. Cheers, to leaving the fart and giggle stage of this company and onward to the new beginning!

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