Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Steady_T" disagrees with skeptic's "disingenuous" post

That is pretty disingenuous PP.

Somehow the extra gas became a surprise to him recently and this issue was listed in the 10K/A, suggesting a reason for the delays.

The amount of off gas has always been characterized as more than required to run the process.

JBII has the option to flare the excess gas off, but has chose not to do so for at least two reasons.

It is a waste of energy that can be used to good purpose.

It creates CO2 for no benefit.

Then there is the monetary value of the gas that would be flared off.

In particular, there is a requirement for gas to heat the machinery up to operating temperature before the process starts to produce gas. Prior to having the gas storage and compression facility in place process startup required natural gas to be purchased. With the storage facility in place, startup can be done using process produced gas.

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