Monday, July 19, 2010

"Pipeholder" opines on JBI CEO & Company

I would agree that JB will read these comments from time to time. If you were CEO of this company, wouldn't you? It's really not important. Now that we have the most pressing issues out of the way, we can go forward. I have met JB on several occasions and he is primarily why I invested in JBI. I believe he is a driven purposeful individual and a rare commodity to have as an asset to the company and to shareholders. Yes, I had my doubts when they were late to file.

But my doubts were mostly on the execution side and that is still to be an ongoing issue going forward.

All companies have this risk. It is a company specific issue. BP is a really current example. The Gulf oil spill is an example of poor execution and poor decision making. Decisions are only proven poor in hindsight not when made.

When you are attempting something that has never been done before, you will make mistakes. Give JB some credit here. Win or lose, he is attempting to hit it out of the park on his first time at bat. That takes a lot of courage. Those sniping and commenting on errors on his part and the company would not even have the courage to attempt to fail in front of so many.

Don't get me wrong. There are still tremendous risks and further potential for error with JBI. It is still far from a done deal. But he has earned my continued respect and faith as a person. He has faults (unlike me and other posters) but he learns from them and I think you will see a better CEO in the future.

The only thing that matters is if P2O works and can generate revenue and profits. That is the next thing to prove

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