Monday, July 12, 2010

"sdy" offers sage advice to all JBI investors

One should always do the appropriate amount of DD before investing in a company that has more than one class of shares, and when additional classes may take place after the initial investment, if that is uncomfortable with the investor, they should take their gain/loss and move on to what may be considered greener pasture.

The concern over the founder having super voting shares sounds more like a confused discussion on the board of a non-profit than an informed discussion here. There is much at stake for JB and he has every right to protect the investment of his life's work. As a retail shareholder I'm comfortable knowing that I have equal claim to JBI profits and having handed him the reigns. After all, it wasn't my idea and I don't have the time even if it were, to manage the complexity.

For those who are uncomfortable with their DD of JBI or JB having the greater controlling interest I ask you, what is the return on the investment of your time posting here?

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