Wednesday, July 21, 2010

JBI, Inc to list on OTCQX effective 7/23/2010

OTCQX U.S. Premier

Designed to identify issuers that are of the size and quality to list on a National Stock Exchange.

Additional requirements include:

A minimum bid price of $1(for preceding 90 business days);
At least 100 beneficial shareholders, each owning at least 100 shares of the company's common stock;
The company meets the financial qualifications for continued listing on the NASDAQ Capital Market;
Conduct Annual shareholders' meetings; and
The company meets all of the requirements of the OTCQX U.S. Tier above.

Application Fee
Annual Fee

Who Should List on OTCQX

Many U.S. companies list on OTCQX as the final step toward a NASDAQ or NYSE listing. Others enjoy the efficient compliance-driven and cost-effective model it offers their investors outside of a traditional exchange listing. For companies moving off a U.S. exchange, OTCQX is the ideal home, providing most of the services the company and their investors have come to expect from a listed market.

The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) has recognized and acknowledged the problems of the OTC market for years, but with over 9,300 OTCBB and Pink Sheet traded companies, it has, quite simply, been underpowered to fully address these issues to the level that it requires. Resurgence is happening with the SEC recently cracking down hard on unethical promoters and companies with this trend fully expected to continue. Aiding in this effort to create more transparency, the OTCQX has been gaining popularity as its primary goal is to provide a premiere platform of information for investors based on the company’s compliance to meet a higher set of standards.

Why Investors Prefer OTCQX

Companies trading on the Pink Sheets that upgraded to OTCQX increased trading volume on average by 99

Institutional and retail investors can invest easily in OTCQX securities. Retail investors can buy OTCQX securities via point and click trading through online brokerage accounts such as E*Trade, TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab and Fidelity.

OTCQX separates out the credible companies from the large number of economically distressed and questionable companies that trade OTC. Companies that list on OTCQX demonstrate their commitment to providing superior information to investors and maintaining the highest quality standards.

• OTCQX companies are distinguished from the thousands of other OTC traded companies
• Transparency, visibility and higher liquidity
• A simpler alternative to SEC reporting for non-U.S companies already providing credible disclosure in their home country market, or U.S. companies who want to provide high quality disclosure without a SOX 404 audit pursuant to the Alternative Reporting Standard
• Real-Time Level 2 Market Maker Quotes available to all investors
• OTC Market Report with trading data and stock performance

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