Friday, July 9, 2010

JBII 10-K is out! Rawnoc questions skeptical naysayers' bearish agenda! JBII longs - it's time to celebrate!

All this talk of "throwing in the towel" then the 10K comes out that doesn't have the writeoffs you negatively fantasized about nor is it signed by anybody except the massively credible Withum that I heard for weeks would never sign off on them because of some delusional international conspiracy going on.

Notice how it falls on deaf ears. Everybody was expecting, fearing, or even hoping it would be light years worse and/or Withum would never sign off.

Pinksheets is the new NASDAQ? ROFL!!!!

I guess it's too bad that "guarantee of pinksheets" was nothing but another round of bear raid bullshit.

And what do you know? It was for the most part the best case scenario of the 10K anybody reasonably expected and not even remotely close to the worst and most often cited case.

Rut roh, folks....and the 10K -- which was signed by Withum -- talks all about P2O permit coming soon, to a crow-munching theatre near YOU!!!

Of course. And when it goes over $20 it will be promoters too.

And when it gets bought out at $200 we can blame the promoters holding up the buyer at gun point.

The only thing that we will know for sure though is the fact that it foolishly touched .75 was a result of a bear raid, and I feel sorry for anybody dumb enough to fall for it.

There are no promoters -- the reason it got to $7 with the benefit of hindsight is because the float is held super tight and it flew on relatively low volume based on speculative money. More importantly, if it can fly to $7 on mere speculation, just imagine what it's going to do on results???????????

For those wishing for "obscurity," I got bad news -- it's not JBII that will be falling into that. But I get the feeling the credibility of its critics will be forever squashed. Especially those who were loudest at the bottom, writing "articles" at $1.20 per share.

Scary for the shorts -- even MLM is congratulating longs.

Scary? ROFL!!!!

JBII has now proven that it's cash-rich, debt-free, and with solid P2O operations as signed by Withum -- who signed a 10K that apparently contained a lot of detailed P2O info.

Oops!!! What's scary is not being in the stock at this point and actually predicting pinksheets at prices as cheap as .75/share. Boy I'm glad I wasn't dumb enough to do that.

True story -- I get a call while I'm eating lunch that JBII's 10K is out. I go over to the other side of the restaurant to try to hear the message, get it, then the song on the restaurant's radio is, and the line of the lyrics were....


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