Saturday, November 27, 2010

tykundegex comments on why waste incinerators won't want to see P2O proliferate

Because MSW commonly has a lot plastic content. During incineration, plastic generates a lot of energy (more than most other things in MSW). However if the plastic is converted into fuel along the lines of the efficiency claimed by JBI, you can recover 2x more energy from it (see a prior post of mine from ages ago with figures taken from the UK Royal Society of Chemistry April 2009 "Plastic waste as a fuel"), here:

That would explain why any company doing incineration of waste doesn't want the plastic removed from the mix (and it's not just household food packaging we're talking about), as it would affect their energy output.

From an environmental standpoint (and also a commercial standpoint), P2O is a far better use of plastic waste than incineration: C02, NOx, and dioxins are all avoided with P2O.

That's what makes P2O so compelling -- it's not only far more profitable than other waste-to-energy systems, it's also far more environmentally friendly. Finally a green solution that is not at odds with a capitalist society! That's gotta be a first, no?



  1. Since DE is about to go state-wide yet private single-stream recycling I feel this the time to reach out to these private haulers to segregate plastics for P2O. If within the recycling streamplastics alone were in A plastic bag wouldn't these be readily tossed into P2O's trucks at transfer station? Otherwise I sense PA and MD incinerators will be feed this (feedstock/waste stream)at our loss!

  2. Not really as long run capitalists might tell you-however is JBI accepting post-consumer mixed plastics? Is anyone reading these comments?


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