Thursday, November 4, 2010

Steady_T responds to skeptic's persistent negative comments

You keep saying that crap "The problem there is that Mr. Bordynuik could prove it if he was being truthful but he chooses to stay silent just like any of the other penny stock scammers out there--how does that make him look? "

The truth is that there is no level of proof that JBI can provide at this time that would be considered irrefutable proof by the critics on this board.

Run tickets, sales numbers, etc. will only come after the permit is issued. That is the proof of the process and its profitability.

Anything else will be claimed to be estimates, guesses, not real world conditions, etc. etc.

By the way your use of the phrase "just like any of the other penny stock scammers" makes it clear that you think JBI is a scam.

JBI has no need to prove anything to a small population of posters on a stock message board.

JBI does have to prove to its shareholders that it can produce pyrolysis fuel at a profit. The opportunity to provide that proof is getting close. It will not come before the permit or permits are issued. Afterwards we will have solid data.

Skeptic's quote-------
Second, either Mr. Bordynuik already has a good basis for his claims (something allegedly convinced him that there was something special about his pyrolysis oil, right?) that he could communicate to investors or he doesn't have any basis.

Mr. Bordynuik does have a good basis for his claims. He has communicated that to investors. IsleChem... remember? Then there is the running of the system under the testing permit.

If you choose to think that there is no market for the products produced by P2O process that is up to you. Others have shown that the output from other pyrolysis process that produce a lower grade product have contracts to sell. When the time is right JBI will announce its contracts.Until you provide evidence to the contrary, we have to go with the information provided by IsleChem.

When did it become "obvious" ? On what basis did you decide that the information that IsleChem stated in the letter was "obvious".

Skeptic's quote-----
The whole Islechem thing is even more telling. All they did what state the obvious. The juice is "near diesel" and the gas is "an off gas similar to natural gas". They wouldn't even state that it is of higher quality than diesel or natural gas so contrary to what the promoters say, it appears it must be of less quality or Islchem would have specified. Good luck selling it.

Information provided by "promoters" should be viewed with the same degree of skepticism as information provided by"bashers".

Information provided by the company and by qualified third parties (IsleChem) may be afford greater confidence.

What you asked for "they wouldn't even state that it is of higher quality than diesel or natural gas so contrary to what the promoters say, it appears it must be of less quality or Islchem would have specified." would be entirely inappropriate for IsleChem.

As far as I know there is no such thing as "higher quality" than diesel. A hydrocarbon mixture either meets the specifications for diesel or it does not. I am not aware of any "higher quality" diesel. There is a category for low sulfur diesel which the P2O product would meet once the gasoline component is separated out from the near diesel.

As far as offers to buy the fuel.... you will just have to wait until the company chooses to announce. That event will be driven by the companies schedule, not yours.

Skeptic's quote-----
I've never seen faith nor patience to be a competitive advantage in investing, however.

“The stock market is a highly efficient mechanism for transferring wealth from the impatient to the patient.” –Warren Buffet

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