Wednesday, November 17, 2010

JBII files 10Q, has received P2O air permit approval for Canada, will commence U.S. P20 when air permit is received from NYDEC

The Company received notice dated October 15, 2010 that the Ontario Ministry of Environment registered a “certificate of Approval for Air, Section 9, EPA” in the Company’s name. A “Certificate of Approval for Air” in Ontario is equivalent to a NYDEC Air Permit in the United States. The Company also received a Certificate of Approval for Industrial Sewage Works, Section 53, from the Ministry of the Environment. These approvals are for use at the Company’s fuel blending site. The Ministry of Environment allowed the transfer of existing approvals (permits) of the blending site to the Company.

"...the Company has been reviewing the feasibility of realizing P2O revenue in different jurisdictions with partners who have already obtained the necessary operating permits required for P2O. The Company is also reviewing the feasibility of installing a P2O machine in Ontario, where one of the Company's facilities recently obtained it’s air approval."

On November 10 th , 2010, JBI Inc.’s simple air permit application was officially submitted to the DEC after significant consultation and meetings between the parties. JBI Inc.’s environmental consultant has significant experience with permitting and in consulting with the DEC prior to submitting our permit application, we mutually agreed upon language and data so that many of the questions that would typically arise during a permit review process were already eliminated. These lengthy consultations and discussions with the DEC about the permit language and data greatly reduce the amount of time required for the DEC to review a submitted application.


" is expected that the Company’s current cash balance will sustain operations until the DEC issues an air permit for our Niagara Falls, NY P2O machine. Upon receipt of this air permit, the Company expects to immediately commence P2O operations in order to generate revenue and earnings from the P2O machine"

"In speaking with various investment funds and high net worth individuals, the Company expects that once an air permit is obtained, raising significant amounts of capital for the purpose of building P2O sites will be a relatively straightforward process, however there can be no guarantee. In the event that cash is needed in the interim, JBI Inc. is positioned favorably for small debt and equity issuances."

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