Monday, November 1, 2010

Rawnoc says JBII's P2O can process thousands of types of FREE waste plastic

(1) Out of thousands of types of plastic that JBII can process, only a few can be recycled which means thousands of types of plastic are worthless and landfilled and FREE to JBII.

(2) Dyes and other additives which MOST plastic has can NOT be recycled and must be landfilled. JBII can take for FREE.

(3) Most plastic gets sent to landfill because it's too tough/expensive to recycle it. Which is why recoilers themselves have incredible amounts of free plastic available.

(4) The recycling war is failing miserably. Production has outpaced recycling five-fold which means the supply of FREE plastic has also grown, despite foolish claims to the contrary about recycling reducing the amount available.

"Only a few kinds of plastic have the supply and market conditions that make recycling feasible."

"Atlhough there are only seven resin codes, there are actually thousands of different types of plastic. Different combinations of dyes and additives can be added to the basic resin to produce a desired color, shape and texture in the final product. There variations in the manufacturing process lead to different melting points and other properties within the same resin code. To be made into another product, plastic must be carefully sorted by type. Combining different types of plastic renders it useless for manufacturing."

"Unfortunately, plastic is much more difficult to recycle than materials like glass, aluminum or paper. Most plastic ends up in a landfill or incinerator."

"Despite the promotion of plastic recycling, plastic production has outpaced recycling by five times over the plast decade. While increased plastic recycling is one way to alleviate this problem, it only has limited potential to reduce the glut of plastic waste."

"...This number does not include the majority of post-industrial plastic waste, which is accounted for separately. Most of it goes to landfill, as its economic use is hindered by two integrated factors. First, plastic waste is comprised of a large number of different resins, and each type has had to be handled separately or sorted..."

"Plastic is a bigger danger than global warming"

JBII have to pay for plastic waste? Puh-leaze.


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