Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rawnoc responds to skeptic's extremely pessimistic comments

So let's summarize your thoughts...

(1) JBII has to sell fuel some day and can't exist for the next 500 years without doing so. Really? lol

(2) Filing an extension automatically disqualifies JB and the other 759 CEOs of public companies from being the CEO even though the very filing apparently prepared by their auditors specifically states that they won't be late and gives the reason that two filings had to be prepared at once so the filing will be done this week within the NORMAL extension period.

760 public companies and counting have taken advantage of the extension period:


Many of them NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX companies.

I think they need to raise money in the form of LOANS unless they already did in which case they don't of course.

Additionally, I think they are one permit away from having so much money thrown at them they'd have to reject it. There is so much dough being thrown on the biggest POS projects that are green it's ridiculous. JBII proves their processor is even break-even? It's BOOYAH time.

Look at the money being thrown down that rat hole Agilyx just on a hope of turning waste plastic into black slurry sludge crap and they can't even do it in a viable efficient manner.

The company is NOT in any position to go to zero. They are about to get their air permit and start full production.


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