Friday, November 19, 2010

stocker11 comments on JBII's positive progress

Of course expenses have increased although many expenses were a one time expense. When you're on the cutting edge of something this great you gotta go for it.

The processor is now complete.

It can be built quickly (5 weeks) and cheaply (less than $300,000.)

Pak-It is fully automated and Master Suppliers are being set up around the world.

Javaco has moved to cheaper premises which will result in tens of thousands of dollars of savings per month.

JBII has purchased new office space which will result in tens of thousands of dollars savings per year.

Blending site has been purchased and renovated which will increase the selling of the fuel tremendously.

Large salaries have been cut.

Stack tests have confirmed that emissions are not an issue.

Partners are permitted to go when Simple Air Permit is issued.

Supplies have been acquired to assemble at least 2 more 30 ton processors?

Production audit is pending.

Media is pending.

Huge profits are pending.

Huge increase in price per share is pending.

My retirement is pending.

My dream home is pending.


  1. So if $300 K (plus auxilary expenses) could be rounded up Delaware could have a P2O 2 months after the permit is issued? How is this done?

  2. There's a JV application on-line at JBI Global. It is possible that the P2O plants will be company owned in Delaware.
    As long as there is a constant supply of free plastic Delaware will be on the list.


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